Our Story

The Founders 

We (Mubiana and Maya) are native Zambian women that have lived in Zambia most of our lives whilst traveling to several countries across Africa and the world. One thing that tied the communities we visited together, was the the exceptional craftsmanship of the artisanal products. These items are always so unique and beautiful, yet so hard to find! You have to hunt for them, literally. 

We have always wanted to be part of the economic and creative change taking place in Zambia and Africa at large. We want to be a part of rewriting the narrative of African Creativity by promoting exceptional African products to the world. 

As part of being the change, we have committed ourselves to creating a platform that provides exceptional unique handmade homeware and lifestyle products from Zambia and Southern Africa. We believe in the great talent and excellence we have as Africans to spearhead world class products that resonate with the global citizen. 

We are excited to be working in collaboration with some of the most talented artisans from across Southern Africa. We are driven to share their stories and provide a platform to showcase the exceptional skill abounding in our local communities. 

Our passion for decades of African craftsmanship, extraordinary interiors, excellence, female empowerment, social impact and sustainable living combined to form the foundation of Africonté.