Artisanal Partners

Homeware with a story
Our artisanal partners combine timeless design with traditional skills, natural and eco-friendly materials. Each makers unique style has a long heritage of inspiration behind it and this shows in the character of the products. There's always more to each piece than meets the eye. 
We personally identify each artisanal group and ensure they only use local materials as we establish sustainable relationships with them. This is how we’re able to offer handmade goods, crafted with the highest quality materials and unique craftsmanship. We really look for the best!
Every product has a story

The collaboration we have with local artisans that have decades of craftsmanship allows us to achieve a combination of  beautiful design, premium quality, and true international style. 
Small Batch 
You definitely won't find everything here. You WILL find unique pieces from Southern Africa though!
Each piece is meticulously handcrafted and only available in limited quantities to ensure quality.